A Magic Show for Christmas

I’ve performed Magic Shows at many schools, pre schools and Nurseries over the years and it’s always really good fun! especially at Christmas time. It always takes me by surprise just how excited the children are about the pending arrival of the magic man. In their Pre school / school environment the children are (usually) […]

Fun Stuff for families!

I thought it may be useful for mums and dads, if I post some  links to websites related to family stuff as and when I come across then on the internet. http://www.parents.com/fun/activities/outdoor/weekend-family-activities At a loose end as to what to do with the kids at the weekend? Here is a great website with plenty of ideas […]

Tricky to answer questions that your Children pose.

Did you ever imagine that your children’s questions would be so difficult  to answer? Have they made you realize how much you have forgotten from school? My son regularly asks me to help him with his homework, but he wants an instant answer, I’m allowed absolutely no time to even read the question. Thank goodness […]

Grandparent’s Revenge

Do grandparents deliberately spoil you kids, let them stay up late (returning them to you grumpy through tiredness),  watch things on the television that you wouldn’t allow, feed them lots of sugar, buy them plastic toys ( that totally clutter your house) ETC by way of revenge for all YOUR childhood misdemeanors? Because that’s exactly what […]

Adam The Magic Music Man (An Update)

My passion for entertainment and my quest to perform – not just as a children’s entertainer and DJ – as an all round entertainer has taken me to Spain. I have been presenting a radio show on a popular English speaking radio station for the past 2 years, I have loved every minute of it. […]

Travelling Children’s Entertainer

After a fantastic summer of performing children’s entertainment in the south of England, it is time to head back to Spain ready to perform some magics shows at children’s parties on La Costa del Sol and to do my Saturday morning radio show on City FM Malaga. I have performed a surprising number of shows here […]

A guide to a successful Children’s Party

Most parent’s share the desire to pull off a successful children’s birthday party. As a seasoned  children’s entertainer, I have learned to recognize some key factors that contribute towards a great party. Venues with lots of echo like large Gymnasiums amplify every noise going. Most people wouldn’t even consider this a factor. My daughter’s preschool […]