Magical Children’s Party

Every year when the children’s birthdays come around, there’s always the debate about how best to celebrate it. Children’s birthday parties have become really important events and there are many options available to parents. I still think that having a children’s entertainer perform a magic show at your little boy or girl’s birthday party is […]

Party Time

July is closer than ever and schools, pre schools and Nurseries are busy organizing their end of school year celebrations. I really enjoy this time of year; it’s summer, the holidays are fast approaching and the children are all excited about the forthcoming summer break. I often perform a magic show outside too (something you […]

Buenos consejos cuando quieres contratar un profesional del entretenimiento para la fiesta infantil de tus niños

Encontrar un entretenedor infantil para la fiesta de tus niños puede costarte mucho trabajo. Aveces puede ser dificil escoger un animador profesional de entretenimiento infantil que sea divertido, seguro y bueno con tus hijos.  no quieres dejar la seguridad de tu niños en manos de cualquier desconocido. Ofrezco aqui algunos consejos  sencillos que te ayudaran  cuando decides de contratar un profesional de entretenimiento […]

Great Tips for hiring a children’s entertainer

Contracting a kid’s entertainer for a children’s party can be a little stressful, children’s entertainers are perhaps the most popular choice of parents for children’s birthday parties as children tend to carry the memory of the magic man entertaining at their birthday parties with them throughout their lives. You really don’t want just anyone at your […]

Entertainment in all it’s forms

As so many other entertainers have done ( whether professional or amateur, well know or relatively unknown),  I have dabbled in several other forms of entertainment. Two decades of being a DJ and working in literally thousands of venues of all kinds lead me into the world of magic and children’s entertainment. After realizing that […]

City FM Malaga 106.2 – 106.8 and online

I’m pleased to say that my first radio show was a success and I’m now looking forward to my next show this Saturday 5th December. It was great to have so many people listen in (including everyone back home in the UK) Please tune in again this Saturday from 9AM Spain 8AM UK for my […]

Publicized and ready to Perform.

I’ve got a new page on Marbella Family Fun website!!  .Have a look all and please leave a comment. Who will be the first lucky boy or girl to have an Adam The Magic Music Man birthday party experience?  I have to admit, I was performing shows every weekend and during the week too in […]