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Younger Adam

“I was 14  when I started my career in Entertainment. I organised a disco party and games for my 4 year old sister’s birthday party. My disco set was homemade: The disco was called Stereo Sound which I painted on a piece of hardboard. I used fairy lights and a flasher unit to decorate the hardboard. I ran a cable from the speaker to a battery torch which made it flash to the beat of the music. As a result of performing at my sister’s party, I found myself performing disco parties for all her friends too.

After buying my first car and professional disco equipment, I joined a local entertainment agency and became a professional DJ performing at both adult and children’s functions.  I went on to become a professional DJ undertaking functions both at weekends and during the week on a weekly basis. I went on to perform thousands of functions for many years and I had the chance to perform at some unique and interesting venues such as: The Spinnaker Tower, Southsea Castle, HMS Warrior, HMS Ark Royal, The Pyramids (not the ones in Egypt), countless Schools and Pre-Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Barns, on board Pleasure Boats and quite often at People’s Homes. I eventually ended up performing as a DJ in Spain.

In 2001, a friend suggested I put together a magic show with a funny routine and start performing comedy magic shows as well as discos at children’s birthday parties. We went to London, bought lots of tricks and I created my first show routine. The show was a bit Shaky to begin with and I was really nervous, but after a few performances it began to take shape and I grew in confidence. As I was able to offer the combination of both a magic show and a disco for children’s parties,  I quickly became really busy. Performing so many shows gave me the experience to constantly improve my performances and tweak  my show.


My take on Children's Entertainment



Children’s Entertainment

It has taken years and thousands of performances for my show to become as entertaining as it is today. A natural ability to entertain, an affinity to (Children and Adults) and lots of experience are perfect prerequisites for a first class performance and a competent  entertainer. I consider myself as a competent entertainer with a first class show only from the fantastic feedback I receive from my customers at children’s functions, on  my Website and on my Facebook page.

Being funny and entertaining are as important in any performance as Magic itself. A combination of Awe and laughter are Unbeatable! Being a magician alone is not enough; especially when entertaining children. A magic show for kids must be funny, entertaining, captivating, and have a Narrative. I use a lot of slapstick and I love to add lib. Children themselves often come out with funny comments which make everyone laugh.

I was Entertaining Children long before I became a Parent myself in 2005. I now consider a children’s party from both a children’s entertainers point of view and that of a parent. Now when I am complimented on my ability to entertain children, I have to say that being a parent is by far more worthy of compliment.

I have Two children now. My little girl was born in 2010, I have a boy and a girl and I adore them both; even if they are cheeky monkeys! Oh and I get to practice all my new tricks, gags and routines on them.




Spinnaker Tower the 18th of October 2010 The News

Adam The Magic Music Man performs at Spinnaker Tower Portsmouthchildren in in need 2012


I hope that what I have written here is helpful and informative! I consider myself lucky to be a children’s entertainer and I really enjoy doing it! If you have seen me in action you will know that’s true. It’s a fantastic compliment to have a child thank you for your magic show or say that you’re really funny, without being prompted by their mum or dad, to hear them talking about you and your performance as they eat their party food, or to have a parent email you to say that their little boy or girl hasn’t stopped talking about you and that they want you to come to their Birthday Party next year!

Everyone knows how important childhood is and how we all retain memories from our childhoods. Having a good old fashioned birthday party with a children’s party entertainer is second to none, I guarantee you children will remember it FOREVER!

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Adam The Magic Music Man