Show Packages (Adam’s show’s are for Private Parties, Corporate functions and Public Events)


Adam’s Combination Party combines The Comedy Magic Show(see Comedy Magic Show) with exciting Games/Competitions and all the lastest music that is popular with children.

The Combination Party is by far the most popular option with Mums and Dads. Adam will see that all the party guests are entertained both before and after food,

Adam uses his skill and experience to create a Magical and Memorable Party Experience with a really great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!

This all means far less stress! allowing Parents to enjoy the whole experience too!

The Combination Party is also available with a mix of The Comedy Magic Show and a Disco Party(with Disco Lights)and of course Games to help hold the Children’s attention

All of the equipment Adam Uses is professional Equipment


Adam’s Comedy Magic Show is a 45 minute Children’s Magic Show with Great Magic tricks and loads of Laughter that
Kids LOVE!The mums and dads enjoy it too!Adam has an incredible ability to
capture Children’s imaginations and hold their attention throughout his entire
Magic Show.

Adam has used his vast experience to constantly improve his Children’s
Entertaining ability, enhance performances and to tailor the Comedy
Magic Show to suit different age groups.

For children aged 3-5 Adam has a gentle approach to his Comedy Magic
Routine using bigger more colourful tricks with a story based routine that
younger children can relate to ( I call it my Cbeebies approach ).

For children aged from 5 and over, Adam has a more street wise sort of
approach to his Comedy Magic Routine and performs impressive Magic
Tricks that will captivate his audience.

The real celebrity of the Comedy Magic Show is of
course the birthday boy or girl who receives a birthday present from Adam The
Magic Music Man as a reward for all their hard work performing Magic.
Everybody gets a little something to take away from the Children’s
Party as a reward for their contribution to the successful magic
tricks performed at the show.


Adam’s Disco Party is a 2 Hour dancing extravaganza packed full of “Party
Dances”, “Party Games”,
and “Pop music”.

Adam has re-invented the party games
avoiding the old fashioned individual elimination style whilst sticking with
the traditional and friendly competitive element that we adults remember from
our childhood.

There are sweets for all, prizes for competition winners and
sweets at the end to take home.

The DISCO PARTY is performed
in two parts allowing a break half way through for party food,
presenting the birthday cake and of course, singing
happy birthday to the birthday boy or girl.


Adam’s Kids Cabaret Show is a 1 hour Show Package Option. Combined
with Clown Style slap stick Comedy and Magic, the KIDS
is “INTERACTIVE”, with the entire
audience invited to participate and perform in the show and demonstrate that
kids have talent too.

ADAM’S KIDS CABARET SHOW is great for “Corporate Events” “Holiday
Parks”, “Village Fates”, “Mixed Aged Parties”
and “Parties Restricted by Time


(not just a disco but full on Entertainment)

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, you won’t find a more entertaining
DJ for your School Discos.

Adam The Magic Music Man
or DJ Adam is the talk of the school playground after a school end of term disco.

“I Gel naturally with Children and I make sure I’m up to date with the
music that children enjoy

Adam has invented competitions especially for parties with
large numbers of children

Adam’s action packed competitions are based on things that
are currently appealing to our younger generations for example:
. It’s amazing the excitement that
surrounds this competition which has a (Dancing Final) in which
all those not lucky enough to reach, become judges instead. Even the teachers will let
their hair down, join in, play the part of judge and give their honest
comments on the standard of dancing. There are certificates for the winners
and runners up.

SUPER BUMPS, is another great game for large numbers, like STRICTLY COME DISCO DANCING
no one is excluded at any time and there is an exciting twist to the
competition that keeps everyone involved interested throughout. SUPER BUMPS is
about Team Work, Speedy Reflexes, Individual Talent,
Imagination and having lots of fun; the adults can get involved too.

Adam invites the adults to participate in the antics (don’t worry he
won’t insist). He believes that their participation adds to the impact of a
party, enhances the atmosphere and shows the younger generations that adults
like to have fun too.

School discos durations vary, please call or email to discuss requirements and costings.


Adam The Magic Man is BUSIER than ever before. If possible, Please give
Adam a call before booking a venue!



After school is an excellent time to host a party. Quite often after school; means a visit to the park or children’s play centre. Why not organise an after school party for your child?
You’ll be able to remind the other mums and dads about the party, prepare the food whilst the kids are at school, and ensure that they’ll all be ready for bed by the time the party is over.

Adam’s shows are suitable for all occasions including Christmas and Halloween

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