Tricky to answer questions that your Children pose.

Did you ever imagine that your children’s questions would be so difficult  to answer? Have they made you realize how much you have forgotten from school? My son regularly asks me to help him with his homework, but he wants an instant answer, I’m allowed absolutely no time to even read the question. Thank goodness for the internet, our convenient way to secretly find out the answers to our kids questions to make us appear knowledgeable!! Here are 10 commonly asked questions that children ask their parents.  Feel free to add your own:

  • Where does water come from?

  • Why does cutting onions make you cry?

  • Why is the sky blue?

  • How do planes fly?

  • What happens when we die?

  • How does Father Christmas fit down the chimney?

  • What makes thunder?

  • Where do babies come from?

  • What is time?

  • How big is the world?

4 thoughts on “Tricky to answer questions that your Children pose.

  1. Adam Post author

    “Mum, I know that I was in your tummy before I was born, but where was I before that?”

    I’m still asking that question as an adult.

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